Brand New Logo & Website!

IMG_0273Happy 2016 and welcome to PattyCakes Mobile! We’re so thrilled that we’re starting off this year with a new website, a new logo, and a new name change. We wanted to spiff up everything behind the scenes so that we could start the New Year off right.

First off is our name change. PattyCakes Mobile is still PattyCakes. We want show who we are and who we will be as a business, a mobile cupcake business. What better way to do that than to change our name!

Our new website is now live for you to be able to peruse at any time of the day and you can place your orders through here as well. Enjoy all the virtual cupcakes (and some real ones as soon as you place your order)!

PattyCakes Mobile would like to thank Donna Frank for her amazing photos, Satdaya Studios for setting up and designing the website as well as our new logo and finally My Desk’s Assistant for helping out with our wonderful promotional design, email marketing, administrative work and social media. It takes an amazing team to get the word out about these delicious cupcakes with every flavor you could possibly want.