About Pattycakes

I love how Patty decorates her cupcakes! She is very creative with it and its so delicious! You won't find any other cupcakes that is as good as hers!!

Anna Amati March 20, 2016

When Patty Carter became a mother in 2006, she learned how to bake and cook. She created different desserts and recipes, and one of her specialties was making cakes and cupcakes.

In August 2013, at the encouragement of her friends and family, she began selling her desserts such as breads, cookies, brownies and cakes/cupcakes. She had her first booth at a pig roast, and her cupcakes sold out.

Patty Cakes now offers more than 40 flavors!

All of Patty’s cupcakes and cakes are made 100% from scratch. She also makes them to order for birthday parties, weddings, community events, and for booth sales at various events.

Fully Licensed by Frederick County Health Care Department

Patty Carter