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PattyCakes Mobile offers some of the most unique and moist flavors that you won’t see at the shop. If there’s a theme you want, we can decorate your cupcakes to fit. Online ordering is available for classic, seasonal and unique flavors.

We care about your health. Pattycakes Mobile has been fully certified by the Frederick County Health Department.

PattyCakes makes scrumptious cupcakes! My youngest boy usually eats the frosting off and not the cupcake however with PattyCakes he will eat the WHOLE cupcake. That tells you how good they are! I love how she offers a variety every time she sells at events. One of my boys favorite flavor is the Cake Batter and I don't have a favorite yet... I love many of them! I love how PattyCakes will take feedback and improve if needed or listen to demand and offer the popular ones in large quantities!

Niki Warman March 20, 2016

Important: Cupcakes are available for local pickup in Frederick, MD, or delivery within 60 miles of Frederick, MD. Expect a minimum of 5 days to complete your order. Click here for more details.

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